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Welcome to Evergreen State Electrical Services

In 2018 a merger of two 50 and 60 year old heating and air conditioning companies created an opportunity to begin an electrical department to serve their needs. This has led to an opportunity for our customer base to access our electricians for their electrical needs.

Please see below some of the primary services we provide.

electrician for attic fans

Attic Fans

Installing an attic fan is a great way of cooling your space. Bring out an expert electrician to ensure your attic fan is installed properly and installed where it can do the most good.
electrician for circuit outlets switches

Circuits, Outlets & Switches

Play it smart and stay safe when wiring a switch, circuit and outlet. Consult an electrician about moving lights to different circuits or installing dedicated lines for major appliances.
electrician for electric breaker panel replacement

Electric Breaker Panel Replacement

Got an old Federal Pacific breaker box, a faulty circuit breaker or an outdated fuse box? Get your electrical system working its best with breaker panel repair and replacement.
electrician for electric maintenance hazard inspection

Electric Maintenance & Hazard Inspection

Get electric inspection in Everett and surrounding areas. Our electric inspectors can provide you with a thorough inspection and analysis.
electrician for fuse box upgrades

Fuse Box Upgrades

Are your electrical fuses constantly blowing? Do you have to keep changing out old fuses with new ones? If so, then the electrical experts at Evergreen State Electrical Services can help.
electrician for generators

Generators (local or whole home)

Power outages from storms, ice and wind continue to affect homeowners, which is why generators are in such high demand. Evergreen State Electrical Services offers professional generator installation services.
electrician for indoor outdoor lighting

Lighting (indoor or outdoor)

There are many different lighting fixtures that come with a variety of systems.  We're licensed and experienced electricians who work with indoor and outdoor lighting.
electrician for smoke detectors

Smoke Detectors

It is extremely important to make sure your smoke detectors are properly installed, well–maintained and working properly. Contact Evergreen State Electrical Services to have home smoke detectors inspected, installed, replaced or repaired.
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